Conflict between cars and trams

10 Sep

It had to happen. A small car and a big tram got into a scrap in Wynyard’s Jellicoe Street. Several blogs have already been penned. The pity of it is that Jellicoe Street is not car free. A Jellicoe Street mall for trams and pedestrians would have been the way to go. We had car free streets on the Christchurch tramway. In Christchurch cars parking on, or too close to, tram tracks was an ongoing woe that no authority took seriously. It was not in the agenda of council parking wardens. I suspect the same situation is replicated in Wynyard Quarter.
These days trams have no privileges over other traffic as one-time was the case. Maybe it is time to readdress the situation. It would be timely. Christchurch trams will run again and on a longer route. Christchurch and Auckland are gunning for modern tramways known as light rail. Auckland’s Dockline Tram is likely to be extended in the shorter term. In five years people might be travelling to work in Wynyard Quarter by tram. Sadly tram tracks are rarely registered in the brain of a motorist navigating into a car park.

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