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WANTED School Age Explorers

21 Mar

These school holidays head down to the Wynyard Quarter, on Auckland’s Waterfront.  Dockline Tram has an exciting programme that will appeal to all primary aged pupils.  When boarding the heritage tram receive a “Wynyard Explorer” Pack.  This includes a map where “Explorers” can follow clues and complete tasks, learn about the history, art and design of the Wynyard Quarter, as well as the heritage trams.  What better way to explore Auckland’s newest waterfront development than with a fun and educational school holiday activity.  Dockline Tram is $1 for children aged 5-15, $5 for adults and $10 for a family pass of two adults and up to three accompanying children.  An exciting and great value activity.  What’s more, every “Wynyard Explorer” will get their very own tram model to make at home. Further information or telephone 09 377 7701. Happy Exploring!
James Duncan and the team at the Dockline Tram

Prerequisite for Tram Drivers

13 Mar

Those of us who call ourselves trammies might be seen as being a tad different form others. People who have ridden on our beautifully restored tramcars – in Christchurch (billed to return in coming months) and Auckland’s Dockline Tram, accept a degree of eccentricity. Maybe we are nuts about trams or just have a pride in propelling our colourful vehicles along busy urban streets? As with pretty women, heritage trams certainly turn heads. I suspect most budding trammies are familiar with the 1986 Aussie comedy movie Malcolm (available on DVD). Malcolm is a tram nutter in the extreme. He is fired from his tram depot job for fabricating his own tram and gets into petty crime with his new lodger, Frank. Malcolm’s model tramway and other brilliant inventions in his ancient Collingwood (Melbourne) home have to be seen to be believed.

Malcolm is shy and brilliantly obsessive. He takes the concept of convertible cars to a new level and his remote control bank robbery techniques would surpass anything from James Bond (without Bond’s typical violence).
Opening scenes filmed in the former South Melbourne tram depot are compelling, as are scenes of Malcolm’s magnificently- fabricated tram let loose on Melbourne’s tram system. A very funny movie.