Scribe becomes Trammie

17 May

Meet Peter Jessup.

A former Auckland newspaper journalist, Peter Jessup joined Dockline trammies to get involved in meeting overseas people arriving for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

He brings a keen interest in all things maritime and he is a fishing guru.  He is also the author of a couple of books on, would you believe, fishing and boating.  Another is a short history of New Zealand.  He still writes for fishing magazines.  “I never come home (from fishing) empty handed,” he boasts to those who believe him.

Of tramcars, the fascination is propelling something the best part of 100 years of age.  “Everyone is full of questions about the tramcar and what is going on in the Wynyard Quarter.  The entire Quarter gives the feeling Auckland is growing up.  The more access we have to the waterfront the better.  The waterfront is the jewel in the crown of Auckland.”  I met Peter at a tram stop.  He impresses me with a wealth of interests and enthusiasm ready to pass on to tram passengers.

From tramcar 257 I see exciting playgrounds frequented by mums and their children.  Peter chats about interesting craft he has spotted visiting Viaduct Harbour.  One was Ile de Re, laying optical fibre cable.  It had also retrieved black boxes from aircraft that crashed into the ocean.  Another could submerge its decks to enable large yachts to sail on for transportation to far-off home ports.  “Events are held in Wynyard Quarter most weekends.  But I am amazed so many Aucklanders venture down here to discover the trams for the first time,” he says.

I warm to Peter’s enthusiasm for Auckland being a great place.  His description has an admirable honesty. I guess he is not overdoing it knowing I am a diehard South Islander – and also a former newspaper guy, become trammie.

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