Skypath Reality

1 Jun

I was delighted to hear the Auckland City Council has included the Skypath (cycling and walking facility) across the harbour bridge in the council’s long-term plan.  Skypath has enthusiastic support from Mayor Len Brown and Councilor Mike Lee.  Good on them.  The ultimate idea is to link the North Shore with the CBD.  This will have a positive impact on the waterfront and, particularly, Wynyard Quarter.  Cyclists have pushed for the Skypath for a long time despite continual knock backs from authorities.  One stage cyclists, en-mass, took the law into their own hands and cycled over the bridge.  I have cycled in several countries and across several bridges of similar or larger size having excellent cycling facilities.  Japan has one of the world’s most spectacular cycle/walking facilities crossing the Seto Sea.  The 60 km path includes several magnificent bridges.  After my recent Wynyard Quarter visit I continued on to Perth, a city of similar size and population to Auckland.  Perth has 700 km of cycleways and shared paths, receiving around A$4 million funding annually from the State Government and Local Bodies.  Authorities clearly believe it is an excellent investment.  Usage is typically 300,000  cyclists/walkers every month.  Hopefully we can look forward to a brighter future for active Aucklanders.  The pity of it is a proposed $2 fee for every walker/cyclist crossing when motor vehicles cross free.  But let’s give the thumbs up for a promising start.

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