Return to the Quarter

27 Feb

It’s been almost a year since I was last at Wynyard.  Eye-catching changes include the almost complete ASB Bank building displaying, brilliant, colourful, architecture offering a stunning backdrop to Jellicoe Street.  Another eye reward is the colourful canvas coverings to several tanks in silo park.  The coverings are embossed with lines from the famous poem “Auckland” by CK Stead.

257 new backdrop (1024x715) (2)

Changing skyline (1024x635) (2)

Tank art (1024x668) (2)

Tank corner (1024x595) (2)

I couldn’t keep away from the cafes and bars along North Wharf.  I enjoyed a coffee fix at Rushworth.  A lunch (slightly expensive) was enjoyed at the Merchant of Venice Italian cuisine.  My choice was a salami and bread entree followed by entree-sized mussels with sumptuous toppings.  Accompanying wine was an excellent Red Tussock Pinot Gris – my best pinot gris to date.

Mussels and wine (1024x685) (2)

The sunny wharf-side table setting was idyllic with views of Waitemata Harbour goings on.  Later, curiosity lead me into Living Fish Restaurant for an afternoon beer and chat to Keita Sato, a young Japanese employee.  His working companion was Korean.  Nearby was a tank of barely animated lobster – the live fish.  One eyed me perhaps wishing it would be my first choice.  But I was really interested in a photo.  Although choosing one’s own live fish to dine on is integral to Asian culture, Keita assured me Live Fish is popular with European diners.

Living Fish (1024x685) (2)

I enjoyed an exhibition of sculpture, a Summer of Sculpture event running to March 15.  Of course I rode the trams and chatted to the tramway boss, James Duncan.

Sculpture (2) (755x1024) (2)

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